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SALE! selling: anime figures/pvc, keychains, pins, and more! [25 Jan 2012|09:27pm]



Read the rules first, please~

Merchandise I have:
- Minami-Ke
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Inazuma Eleven
- Inazuma Eleven Go!
- Shinryaku?! Ika Musume Figure
- A Channel
- Haruhi Suzumiya
- Naruto
- Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist
- Kobato
- Tiger&Bunny
- Uta no Prince-sama
- Hello Kitty & MORE!

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Anime & manga & merch sale [09 Jul 2010|02:07pm]

Hi all, I hope this is ok to post here! I'm selling a large amount of my merch and manga and anime stuff due to a financial emergency. Quite a few of the items are rare, or from older anime, so please check it out! Prices are as marked, or best-offer. I'm in Boulder, and I'll ship wherever, however you'd prefer. :)

300 doujinshi (as in the comic/movie) doujinshi - yes, it's yaoi (some smut, some plot) - I have 2 volumes in this series, beautiful amazing art, perfect condition! How about $30 each?
Supernatural doujinshi - Sorry, don't have it on me so I forget the name, but it's the Supernatural / Constantine (Hellblazer) crossover doujin in perfect condition. $40?

Completed / Current Manga (how about at around 30% of the cover price, or best offer? Unless noted, all are in great condition.)
XXXHolic (to current)
Tsubasa (to current) - might have someone for that
Basara (complete)
Othello (complete)
Black Cat (to current)
Fullmetal Alchemist (to current)
Cardcaptor Sakura (complete - I believe, gotta double-check)
CLOVER - original Tokyopop publications, just missing volume 1, pretty see-thru covers in good shelf condition, how about $20 for all 3? They have the color pages.
Antique Bakery - all 4 volumes, great condition, front covers still scratch-and-sniff (Fumi Yoshinaga, light yaoi)
Garden Dreams - 1 volume, complete (Fumi Yoshinaga, het)
Basara - entire series, all volumes, I believe this are out-of-print / really hard to find now, one of my all-time FAVORITE manga, awesome!!
Ooku - 1 volume, complete (Fumi Yoshinaga, het, but gay content, about samurai, gender role issues)

Partial Manga Series
Hana Kimi (first few volumes)
Various Osamu Tezuka series (mostly his adult ones, and some hardcover)
Flower of Life - first 3 volumes ((Fumi Yoshinaga, het, light yaoi vibes)
Please Save My Earth - first... third of it? 

I dunno, lots more manga, I'll post more later. :\ I have tons. If you're looking for a specific series, ask me. :B I can ship manga via media-mail, so shipping is VERY cheap!

I ALSO HAVE LIKE EVERY ISSUE OF SHOJO BEAT EVER. Srsly. Lemme know if anyone actually wants those, I'll sell them so cheap. XD

Merch (this is the stuff that's hard to say goodbye to! XD;;) Priced as marked or best offer!

Sailor Moon SuperS UFO catcher - I paid $60 for this at a con, it is from the original release, it is in near-mint condition. She's absolutely beautiful, posed really well like the end of her SuperS attack with one leg bent, holding her wand. - $60
Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune UFO catcher - this is one of the American UFO-catcher style plushes, but she's really cute and in great condition - $10 (Like this link, only no box.)
Magic Knights Rayearth Ferio UFO catcher - fantastic condition, from the original release, he  only ever sat on my shelf: $15
Magic Knights Rayearth Presea UFO catcher - also in fantastic condition, same as Ferio: $15
Black Cat Train UFO Catcher - He's in mint condition, only ever sat on my shelf - $15
Magic Knights Rayearth talking Mokona - from the original release of Magic Knights Rayearth, he is life-sized (ish, just about perfect, maybe a teensy bit bigger, about a foot tall). His bottom has a velcro closure and inside is a battery pack that you can turn on and off. When he's on, and you make sound, he'll talk! Tons of various of "puu, puu, puu!" and "Pu pu pu puuuu!" and such. In great condition, the sound quality is great. - $100 or best offer
Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki plush - this is the awesome, adorable Ryo-Ohki life-size plush that was released for the original OVA. She's in fantastic condition, no noticeable damage or age. This isn't the ugly later-released model, but the really cute one! - $25
Ranma 1/2 Genma Panda head backpack - This is one of my prized possessions, hence the high price. This is a large (will cover your whole upper back) plush panda Genma head backpack. On the back of the bag is a zipper to access the purse part, and on the side that faces out is a huge panda-Genma face, with his squinty eyes! It has adjustable shoulder-straps. He has little ears that stick out, and his nose sticks out and is a smaller zippered pouch for coins. He's been used a lot, but he's in great condition. His white fur has gotten a bit dusty with age, but you just have to throw him in a washing machine (on gentle! cold water! lay flat to dry!) and he comes out all nice and white and fresh. - $100
One Piece Chopper Plush - about a foot tall, very cuddly and really nice quality, actual Japanese one,  not one of the uglier ones from ebay. - $5
Evangelion Misato plastic figure - about 4 - 5 inches tall, she's standing on a base that looks like the ground, in tight white pants and a cute middrift sailor suit top and hat, saluting all adorably. - $5

Gachapon / Tiny Figures - $3 or best offer
CLAMP in 3D Land figures - I have quite a few of these, lemme know which ones you want, or ask me and I'll get a list of what I have.
Black Cat - I have gachapon figures of Train, Creed (they fit together in a really gay way where Creed fits in Train's arms, I shit you not), Eve (rare one, semi-transparent pieces), Sephiria (blond chick)
Fullmetal Alchemist - I have Ed, Al (armor form), and Armstrong, with their stands. This is the hard plastic series where Ed's has him ripping off his coat. Armstrong is bare-chested and fabulous.
Fullmetal Alchemist - I have another Ed, this one is cute, he's sitting on a little crate looking pouty, and he comes with a tiny oil can!

Oh My Goddess wallscroll - from the original release of the OVA, sepia-tone, beautiful scroll of all 3 goddesses in the elegant art, in great condition, no obvious damage despite age - $7
Magic Knights Rayearth wallscroll - All the main characters including Dosh Clef, all 3 girls, Zagato, and Emeraude, very bright and colorful and beautiful, no obvious damage despite age - $7
Sailor Moon REED wallscroll - this is damaged, but still beautiful and totally worth hanging up. From SuperS it is still bright and beautiful, no sun damage. This is made from plastic 'reeds", so it is much nicer looking than a fabric scroll. The only problem is, on the edges the reeds have been bent here and there. The image is not damaged, it still looks great to hang. It's a bit heavier and sturdier than a normal scroll, it has a thicker, stronger bar to hang it from for some reason - $15
Code Geass Lelouch Wallscroll - His hotness in his cape, holding a chess piece, close-up. - might have someone for this?

(Ame-Comi were a limited release statuette series of "anime" versions of DC girls. They're vinyl and super beautiful, I normally don't collect statues, but these are so gorgeous! Packaged ones on ebay go for a lot now, and this is even below what I paid for them new!)
Ame-Comi Batgirl - I don't think I have the box anymore, she's adorable!! Near-mint, only ever sat on my shelf out of sunlight. $25
Ame-Comi Poison Ivy - same as Batgirl, just sat on my shelf for a while, near-mint. $25
Ame-Comi Harley Quinn - same as the others, near-mint, beautiful! $25 (if you buy two or three I'll give ya a deal!) She's sort of double-sided, with an awesome creepy face mask on the back of her head!

DVDs (price or best offer)
Supernatural season 1 - $15
Supernatural season 2 - $15
Fushigi Yugi first half on VHS subbed - $10
Kare Kano - first 3 DVDs and box for boxed set - $15
Nana - first 3 boxed sets, all new, been watched one time, still in perfect condition - I think I still have the guitar pick that came with the first set too, I'll see if I can find it. $20 each, get all 3 and I'll cut ya a deal
Big O - both boxed sets, entire anime - $20

That's it for now. Please reply to my post or PM me if you're interested or have any questions or offers. :)
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Gender and Sexuality Panel [16 Sep 2008|10:15am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey everybody! I don't know about you, but I had an awesome NDK this year! :D 

Myself and jupiter_star ran the Gender and Sexuality panel on Friday night. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

I just wanted to check in and see if anyone had any comments/suggestions on our panel. I know that the panel was overflowing with people, and also people wanted it to be longer. We're really flattered that so many people were so interested in our panel! This was our first year running it, so next year we hope to request a much larger room, and a longer time slot. (Two hours would be great, I think!) We also are considering running it at Anime Wasabi in the spring.

Anyway, comments, suggestions, etc, would be great! Also, if there were any questions about anime, movies, manga, and books that we recommended feel free to ask and we can list them here for anyone who's interested.

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Update URL [24 Aug 2008|04:31am]

Although this community is DOA, could the owner at least update the NDK website URL so people can get information if they want?
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Costume Contest Problems [27 Sep 2007|10:21pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm far from being a local con attendee; I'd even venture to guess I was the most far away person present, this including the Japanese guests of honor and two girls of Scotland. I live in Finland and I have come to enjoy the USA anime convention scene, so I try to attend to a con per year, seeing as that is as much as is even distantly possible finantially for a university student. Last year I went to Anime Expo, due to their choise of guests and this year I wanted something a bit better organized and friendly. I had had very good experience with Nan Desu Kan previously and it had been one of my favourite cons by far, so I was happy to return there. However, this year I was let down and disappointed by the organizing of the costume and cosplay event to the point where I don't see myself returning to NDK again.

I love cosplay and the cosplay&costume contest is always the highlight of any con I go to. Regardless of guests or programs, I have come to count on the con being worth it because of the cosplay. Two years ago, when I was at NDK the previous time, I participated in the costume contest with no problems and was looking forward to part-taking again. My local friend, whom with I was, works in the dealer's room and I had agreed to help her out with her booth, since the dealer's room can be quite hectic at times. Over an hour before the costume&cosplay contest sign up, we went to talk to the information booth in the dealer's room and they said they didn't know anything and send us to ops for more information.

Anyone who has worked at the dealers' room knows that it can get quite crazy and overhelming for a single person to handle, so we were hoping that we wouldn't need to stand in line for the costume&cosplay contest. After checking with the ops for what time the cosplay&costume contest sign up would start, we explained our situation to them and they assured us that since we were dealers, it would be certainly ok for us to just stop by when the signing up began and not have to stand in line for over an hour. With relieved and reassured state of mind, we went back to help provide the other con attendees with their much desired merchandise.

At the correct time, my friend went to sign us up, but rather soon returned saying that the cosplay sign up stuff had refused to do so. I was baffled and upset and we got a friend of ours to mind the booth as we run to try to sort this out. We pleaded our case, explaining how we were dealers, how we had been told by the ops that we could do this, how if we had been told we need to line up, we would had found a way to do despite its inconvience and would had been first in line, how I was from Finland... and we got the cold shoulder. The volunteer staff was sympathetic but the head of cosplay&costume, who had the ultimate say, refused to do anything and told us we should had signed up online if we wanted to make sure.

I have now looked at the online cosplay&costume sign up. Neither of us had really *noticed* the online sign up possibility before (which we also explained), but we were told it was "very clearly there". It is indeed stated at the end of the costume&cosplay rules, but we really had not seen any real obvious reason to go read the rules through carefully, since we have done this before and there had not been big notices of changes. We did notice the big news box "Cosplay Competition Signup is LIVE!", since we did keep frequent eye on the page and the forums due to our dealer status, but that news refers to only *cosplay competition*, which we had learned in our previous NDK costuming times means solely the cosplay contest and not the *costume* contest, which is what we wanted.

However, none of that really matters, because we *could not have* signed up even if we had understood from the vaque information that we should do it. The online sign-up was only available for people who have pre-registrated as individuals, which we had not since we were, as mentioned before, dealers. Dealers badges do not have our names or anything, just the store we represent. All this means is that we were told we should have done something that was not made available or possible for us and since we had not done this impossible thing, it was our own fault.

I don't really have words to explain how shocked, upset and disappointed I was. I broke down crying right there and my friend had to guide me back to our room. On our way, we run into several con attendees as well as staff members, who expressed their concern over me. We told them the situation and all of them very really shocked. They all told us that surely if we explained the situation, there could be some arrangements made and they were even more shocked and clearly felt bad for us, when we said we had explained and had gotten such rude response. One of the staff members told us that maybe we should go to the ops to get them to help us plead our case, since they did give us the misinformation and maybe them confirming that would help. We were desperate, so we went to get one of the ops, who helpfully did come with us and did confirm our story, but it was still to no avail. Nothing we said or did got any other reply than "too bad, sucks to be you".

To sum it all up: we were not given an actual chance to sign up ahead online, we were given misinformation on how to go about it and were denied the chance to enter the costume contest, added with more misinformation given with a superior attidute (of how we should had signed online if we wanted to assure getting in).

Also, I feel the type of attidute we encountered from the cosplay staff head, of seeing con-goers as inferior is especially inappropriate when it comes to costume and cosplay contest. It is one of the most popular events of the con and the very point of that event is created by con-goers themselves; the cosplayers. With most events, the superiority of the staff could be understandable, if still inappropriate, when it is events that the staff has created for the con-goers to enjoy. Costume and cosplay contest however are created and made possible just as much by the con-goers, so looking down on them is just baffling.

As I said, I love cosplay and it is always the highlight of my con. This time that highlight was totally ruined and destroyed. After the way we had been threated, added to the depression of not being able to do the contest that I had planned for half a year, I could not even find it in me to go as audience. When you spend 1300 dollars on plane tickets alone, having the main event of your con experience be denied in fashion such as this and with such rudeness was a huge blow and disappointment.

I am also not upset simply because of the loss I experienced in making the bad decision of putting so much time and money into attending to NDK, but because the type of cold, inflexible and superior way that we were threated was something no rule-abiding con-goer should have to face. Even if it had not been me, I feel that the cosplay&costume high-ups should had actually tried to be helpful, especially since our situation was purely due to being misinformed by official con staff. Making extra special case of taking an extra entry surely would not had bumbed the schedule that askew or even taking us into the line, since that is where we would had been if we had been told correct info. Had I been in the line and someone with our situation had showed up, I'd been upset if I didn't fit, but would had felt it was the fair way to go. I feel at the very least they should had taken up our information for a possible cancelation slot, in case there somehow turned out to be room.

The rest of my experiences with NDK have still been very positive and I would like to add my thanks and praise to the wonderful people who made those other events and general order. I'd also like to thank all the other con attendees who were nice and friendly; especially the ones I met in my crushed state. However, with how important cosplay is to me, that single rude, unfriendly and unreasonable experience very nearly ruined the whole con for me and I cannot see myself taking that risk with NDK again, as sad as it makes me.

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Footage of my Panel [17 Sep 2007|05:12pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everybody! I know that I saw one person who was filming my "Japanese Cooking With Bob" Panel and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a copy of it.

That was the first time I did that presentation and I think it went wonderfully, but there is always room for improvement.

So if you filmed it, or if you know who filmed it I would greatly appreciate it if you would drop me a line here!


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LOST CAMERA [17 Sep 2007|02:07pm]

Hello, my name is Jessica, but most people call me J-Chan. I lost a KODAK DX4330 DIGITAL CAMERA at Nan Desu Kan, and it was never handed into ops or the front desk. I don't care if someone took it and kept it, but I have photos on that camera card from personal trips and family events as well as my Japanese hosting that I need. If someone fesses up, you can keep the camera, but I need my card. If anyone has it or knows anything you can post here or contact me privately at this e-mail: jmrxthree@comcast.net
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NDK Craftsmanship [17 Sep 2007|12:03pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

A little note to anyone who was craftsmanship judged at the NDK Masquerade: none of our craftsmanship awards were given out at the competition. They gave out presentation, but none of craftsmanship. A list of winners should be going up on the NDK forums and I will cross post it here and cosplay.com.

We were RUSHED through judging. If anyone thought that the halftime was really short - yes, it was. Everyone was leaving the masquerade and we were still talking about all your wonderful costumes in a room nearby. I'm so sorry it turned out like that.

We asked for the craftsmanship winners to be announced at closing ceremonies and were told it wasn't possible. Hopefully we can get this situation remedied.

--Just a little note from one of your craftsmanship judges


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[16 Sep 2007|12:30pm]
Hey everyone with cameras! Or everyone in general! I wanted to post this up before I fall asleep and totally forget. I was wondering if you could send any of the Bleach photos my way? Especially if they contain the Hueco Mundo Orihime/Ishida/Sado group? I was the Orihime, but forgot my camera. So typical. ):

Anyway, thanks in advance. What a fun year! Aside from the rules for the rave, but oh well. We can deal.
Thanks again!

my email is naizkitten[at]gmail[dot]com for those who have photos. :D
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[13 Sep 2007|06:57am]

Does anyone know what time we will be able to get our badges on Friday, and what time people who didn't preregister can register? I searched their website, but I couldn't find that information anywhere.

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Make-up for NDK [08 Sep 2007|04:29pm]

I posted awhile ago about this but I figured I'd put out a reminder.

We're offering professional make-up services to cosplayers at NDK, only a week left to go and we still have plenty of slots open for those interested! The sooner you request for make-up to be done, the better!

For prices, examples, contacts, and other information please visit:



e-mail myself at samantha.k.rose@gmail.com

See everybody there!
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Power to the People! (Part One) [15 Jun 2007|10:14am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey gang, BakuDan here. 

Last year, we let the People choose one of our Tournaments to be played at that year's NDK. That was so hugely successful that we've decided to let the People (that'd be you), choose two of them this year! 

Right now, there is a poll up on the NDK forums - log in, choose the game you want to be played, and single-handedly set the course of VGR history. That poll will only be up for 30 days, and then the first choice will be made. Once that poll is finished, the remaining games will be made into a second poll, and that one will run another 30 days. You don't have much time, so get in there and vote now! Spread the word, tell all your friends, and make sure your favorite game is chosen. It's all up to you!

Power to the PEOPLE!

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Artist Row question [24 May 2007|08:08am]

[ mood | worried ]

*big wave*

Sorry my first post here is a question about the infamous Artist Row. ^_^;;;

I suppose some of you guys may know me and come visit me at the table every year. Thank you to everyone who does. I appreciate that with all my heart. Artist Row at NDK is what I look forward to every year. It's the yearly fun happy highlight for me.

My question is: Is Artist Row really sold out and if it's not how do I go about getting on the list or finding out more info? I'm desperate for a table again. I'd like to continue my tradition of being there every year.

I've been in the forums and I've emailed and I haven't really heard anything yet. I've checked on and off constantly for any word on Artist Row and when there was finally a posting on the web site...the message said 'sold out'.

Now I know that we all have really busy lives and so many other things going on out there so to anyone with answers, thank you for taking time to help. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks muchly!

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Need Makeup Models! :D [04 May 2007|08:42pm]

Alrighty, I talked about this a bit earlier and now comes the post! As I mentioned earlier, Alison and I are putting together a little makeup set up for people who wish to have professional makeup done for conventions, photo shoots, and other various occasions (prom, weddings, halloween, etc).

Right now, we're building up a portfolio so that people can view the work that we can do, and show options that can be done. For this, I need friends to volunteer!

Now, I'll be placing a specific list on what we need from models to show the range we can accomplish in makeup, below is what we need, we do NOT need duplicate models, unless it's different sex. So once somebody has spoken up for a particular job, that's taken, no more else, or you have to pay us. However, people can volunteer for several different types of makeup that needs to be done.

Basic Makeup: Natural. Male and Female
Basic Makeup: Beauty. Preferably Female

Complex Makeup: Skin Color Change. Two males and two females
Complex Makeup: Tattoos. One person
Complex Makeup: Character/fantasy/non prosthetic. This can be taken by several people, but no more than two males and two females.
Complex Makeup: Gender switch. I'll be taking the female to male, but we need a male to female.
Complex Makeup: Prosthetic (generic). Anything applied will not be fitted to your face, cause ah, that's a lot of work. This is just to give the idea of what can be done. Male and female.

Intricate Makeup: Prosthetic (custom). That's something that will be offered for a price, no model needed....unless you want to pay for it!

So that's what we've managed to come up with so far, if anybody has a suggestion that would be popular to do, please tell us and we'll consider adding it to our line up. But otherwise, it would be a GREAT help to get this going ASAP. Comment on my journal or e-mail me at Badnewsdoll@hotmail.com to claim any of these spots, or to pre-order and request makeup (but that'll cost something). I will update the list when comments and confirmations come in

Thanks guys!

This WILL be x-posted into local communities (can't do your makeup several states away!).
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BuriMyu (Bleach Musical) Cosplay Group, Recruiting Members!! [22 Mar 2007|01:46pm]

Hey everyone!

My cosplay group, Yume no Densetsu, is once again recruiting members. This time, the theme is BuriMyu. We just started this project, so almost all characters are open, including Ichigo.

The characters we'd like to get are:

Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Inoue Orihime, Urahara Kisuke, Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, and Kuchiki Rukia. We'll look for more characters if we get all our slots filled.

You can find out all our information at our BuriMyu site, as well as the application form and all that.

Please to note: We're located in COLORADO, so we're looking for people mostly from our state.
We WILL take out of state members, but not TOO far out of state - it's just a hassle, and we've had bad experiences in the past.

Anyway, please come check it out, and let us know if you have any questions or any of that!
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Reconnecting... [19 Feb 2007|08:55am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Heya. I'm trying to reconnect with quite a few NDK folks. This is Alicia (formerly known as "Akane" many many yarren ago. It's a pretty alien nickname now.) I've bumped into a few of you guys LJ and hoped to add you to my LJ and vice-versa. Yes, Darth and I are waaaay overdue for a NDK visit. Moosu has been giving us the reports.

Apologies if I'm violating any posting rules. If it helps, I can ask a question like "Are velociraptors prohibited from the show hall?"

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[08 Jan 2007|04:50pm]

Does anyone know if there is a promotional code to get a discount at the hotel for NDK? I can't find that information anywhere on the site. Any way to get a discount would be great.

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[02 Nov 2006|11:28pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello everyone! ^___^
Kobayashi here. I actually just got back into LJ, but I've been watching this community for quite a while now.
Did everyone have fun at NDK this year?? I can't wait until next year already. XD;;
Some of you might know me or have seen me around.
This year I was the giant headed Kero traveling around with my best friend Mirai as Sakura.
Here's a picture of that for you: Kero and Sakura!
And the year before Mirai and I cosplayed as Mouse Yuki and Cat Kyo of Fruits Basket. XP
I totally had a blast this year. The weekend of NDK is the weekend I look forward to the most. I even favor it over Christmas.

So Mirai and I have got some big plans for next year (which will be my 10th year attending! Wheee!). Look forward to keeping in touch with y'all. >D Wootage!

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NDK Suggestions [31 Oct 2006|12:56am]

Hello! I am Kumi; I am from Colorado and I go to University of Denver. I went to NDK 2006, which was my first anime con, and thought it was fun. :D I posted pictures from the con in my LJ. I'd love to go again next year but I believe I will be studying abroad by the time NDK comes around. :(

I'm also part of the anime club here, and after some people from the club went on Saturday, we thought we could make a suggestions list for next year's group of new con-goers. One of the ones we thought of is "be wary of where you park and don't park illegally." I was wondering what some of your suggestions would be about newcomers to NDK in general? I may mention something about keeping an eye on your stuff during the convention so that you don't lose it; from the amount of people I saw at the lost and found area during the day, it seems like a fairly easy thing to do. Also, keep in mind how much cash you have; it's easy to run out just at the vendor room if you brought enough. ;)
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Fushigi Yuugi Cosplay Group [29 Sep 2006|07:36am]

Hey does anyone wanna try to put a FY cosplay group together for the con? I'm dressing up with Miaka, and will be walking around with Mitsukake so just stop us if you want to do something. Or, of course, respond to this. :P
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