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Anime & manga & merch sale

Hi all, I hope this is ok to post here! I'm selling a large amount of my merch and manga and anime stuff due to a financial emergency. Quite a few of the items are rare, or from older anime, so please check it out! Prices are as marked, or best-offer. I'm in Boulder, and I'll ship wherever, however you'd prefer. :)

300 doujinshi (as in the comic/movie) doujinshi - yes, it's yaoi (some smut, some plot) - I have 2 volumes in this series, beautiful amazing art, perfect condition! How about $30 each?
Supernatural doujinshi - Sorry, don't have it on me so I forget the name, but it's the Supernatural / Constantine (Hellblazer) crossover doujin in perfect condition. $40?

Completed / Current Manga (how about at around 30% of the cover price, or best offer? Unless noted, all are in great condition.)
XXXHolic (to current)
Tsubasa (to current) - might have someone for that
Basara (complete)
Othello (complete)
Black Cat (to current)
Fullmetal Alchemist (to current)
Cardcaptor Sakura (complete - I believe, gotta double-check)
CLOVER - original Tokyopop publications, just missing volume 1, pretty see-thru covers in good shelf condition, how about $20 for all 3? They have the color pages.
Antique Bakery - all 4 volumes, great condition, front covers still scratch-and-sniff (Fumi Yoshinaga, light yaoi)
Garden Dreams - 1 volume, complete (Fumi Yoshinaga, het)
Basara - entire series, all volumes, I believe this are out-of-print / really hard to find now, one of my all-time FAVORITE manga, awesome!!
Ooku - 1 volume, complete (Fumi Yoshinaga, het, but gay content, about samurai, gender role issues)

Partial Manga Series
Hana Kimi (first few volumes)
Various Osamu Tezuka series (mostly his adult ones, and some hardcover)
Flower of Life - first 3 volumes ((Fumi Yoshinaga, het, light yaoi vibes)
Please Save My Earth - first... third of it? 

I dunno, lots more manga, I'll post more later. :\ I have tons. If you're looking for a specific series, ask me. :B I can ship manga via media-mail, so shipping is VERY cheap!

I ALSO HAVE LIKE EVERY ISSUE OF SHOJO BEAT EVER. Srsly. Lemme know if anyone actually wants those, I'll sell them so cheap. XD

Merch (this is the stuff that's hard to say goodbye to! XD;;) Priced as marked or best offer!

Sailor Moon SuperS UFO catcher - I paid $60 for this at a con, it is from the original release, it is in near-mint condition. She's absolutely beautiful, posed really well like the end of her SuperS attack with one leg bent, holding her wand. - $60
Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune UFO catcher - this is one of the American UFO-catcher style plushes, but she's really cute and in great condition - $10 (Like this link, only no box.)
Magic Knights Rayearth Ferio UFO catcher - fantastic condition, from the original release, he  only ever sat on my shelf: $15
Magic Knights Rayearth Presea UFO catcher - also in fantastic condition, same as Ferio: $15
Black Cat Train UFO Catcher - He's in mint condition, only ever sat on my shelf - $15
Magic Knights Rayearth talking Mokona - from the original release of Magic Knights Rayearth, he is life-sized (ish, just about perfect, maybe a teensy bit bigger, about a foot tall). His bottom has a velcro closure and inside is a battery pack that you can turn on and off. When he's on, and you make sound, he'll talk! Tons of various of "puu, puu, puu!" and "Pu pu pu puuuu!" and such. In great condition, the sound quality is great. - $100 or best offer
Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki plush - this is the awesome, adorable Ryo-Ohki life-size plush that was released for the original OVA. She's in fantastic condition, no noticeable damage or age. This isn't the ugly later-released model, but the really cute one! - $25
Ranma 1/2 Genma Panda head backpack - This is one of my prized possessions, hence the high price. This is a large (will cover your whole upper back) plush panda Genma head backpack. On the back of the bag is a zipper to access the purse part, and on the side that faces out is a huge panda-Genma face, with his squinty eyes! It has adjustable shoulder-straps. He has little ears that stick out, and his nose sticks out and is a smaller zippered pouch for coins. He's been used a lot, but he's in great condition. His white fur has gotten a bit dusty with age, but you just have to throw him in a washing machine (on gentle! cold water! lay flat to dry!) and he comes out all nice and white and fresh. - $100
One Piece Chopper Plush - about a foot tall, very cuddly and really nice quality, actual Japanese one,  not one of the uglier ones from ebay. - $5
Evangelion Misato plastic figure - about 4 - 5 inches tall, she's standing on a base that looks like the ground, in tight white pants and a cute middrift sailor suit top and hat, saluting all adorably. - $5

Gachapon / Tiny Figures - $3 or best offer
CLAMP in 3D Land figures - I have quite a few of these, lemme know which ones you want, or ask me and I'll get a list of what I have.
Black Cat - I have gachapon figures of Train, Creed (they fit together in a really gay way where Creed fits in Train's arms, I shit you not), Eve (rare one, semi-transparent pieces), Sephiria (blond chick)
Fullmetal Alchemist - I have Ed, Al (armor form), and Armstrong, with their stands. This is the hard plastic series where Ed's has him ripping off his coat. Armstrong is bare-chested and fabulous.
Fullmetal Alchemist - I have another Ed, this one is cute, he's sitting on a little crate looking pouty, and he comes with a tiny oil can!

Oh My Goddess wallscroll - from the original release of the OVA, sepia-tone, beautiful scroll of all 3 goddesses in the elegant art, in great condition, no obvious damage despite age - $7
Magic Knights Rayearth wallscroll - All the main characters including Dosh Clef, all 3 girls, Zagato, and Emeraude, very bright and colorful and beautiful, no obvious damage despite age - $7
Sailor Moon REED wallscroll - this is damaged, but still beautiful and totally worth hanging up. From SuperS it is still bright and beautiful, no sun damage. This is made from plastic 'reeds", so it is much nicer looking than a fabric scroll. The only problem is, on the edges the reeds have been bent here and there. The image is not damaged, it still looks great to hang. It's a bit heavier and sturdier than a normal scroll, it has a thicker, stronger bar to hang it from for some reason - $15
Code Geass Lelouch Wallscroll - His hotness in his cape, holding a chess piece, close-up. - might have someone for this?

(Ame-Comi were a limited release statuette series of "anime" versions of DC girls. They're vinyl and super beautiful, I normally don't collect statues, but these are so gorgeous! Packaged ones on ebay go for a lot now, and this is even below what I paid for them new!)
Ame-Comi Batgirl - I don't think I have the box anymore, she's adorable!! Near-mint, only ever sat on my shelf out of sunlight. $25
Ame-Comi Poison Ivy - same as Batgirl, just sat on my shelf for a while, near-mint. $25
Ame-Comi Harley Quinn - same as the others, near-mint, beautiful! $25 (if you buy two or three I'll give ya a deal!) She's sort of double-sided, with an awesome creepy face mask on the back of her head!

DVDs (price or best offer)
Supernatural season 1 - $15
Supernatural season 2 - $15
Fushigi Yugi first half on VHS subbed - $10
Kare Kano - first 3 DVDs and box for boxed set - $15
Nana - first 3 boxed sets, all new, been watched one time, still in perfect condition - I think I still have the guitar pick that came with the first set too, I'll see if I can find it. $20 each, get all 3 and I'll cut ya a deal
Big O - both boxed sets, entire anime - $20

That's it for now. Please reply to my post or PM me if you're interested or have any questions or offers. :)
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