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Power to the People! (Part One)

Hey gang, BakuDan here. 

Last year, we let the People choose one of our Tournaments to be played at that year's NDK. That was so hugely successful that we've decided to let the People (that'd be you), choose two of them this year! 

Right now, there is a poll up on the NDK forums - log in, choose the game you want to be played, and single-handedly set the course of VGR history. That poll will only be up for 30 days, and then the first choice will be made. Once that poll is finished, the remaining games will be made into a second poll, and that one will run another 30 days. You don't have much time, so get in there and vote now! Spread the word, tell all your friends, and make sure your favorite game is chosen. It's all up to you!

Power to the PEOPLE!
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