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Artist Row question

*big wave*

Sorry my first post here is a question about the infamous Artist Row. ^_^;;;

I suppose some of you guys may know me and come visit me at the table every year. Thank you to everyone who does. I appreciate that with all my heart. Artist Row at NDK is what I look forward to every year. It's the yearly fun happy highlight for me.

My question is: Is Artist Row really sold out and if it's not how do I go about getting on the list or finding out more info? I'm desperate for a table again. I'd like to continue my tradition of being there every year.

I've been in the forums and I've emailed and I haven't really heard anything yet. I've checked on and off constantly for any word on Artist Row and when there was finally a posting on the web site...the message said 'sold out'.

Now I know that we all have really busy lives and so many other things going on out there so to anyone with answers, thank you for taking time to help. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks muchly!
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