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Need Makeup Models! :D

Alrighty, I talked about this a bit earlier and now comes the post! As I mentioned earlier, Alison and I are putting together a little makeup set up for people who wish to have professional makeup done for conventions, photo shoots, and other various occasions (prom, weddings, halloween, etc).

Right now, we're building up a portfolio so that people can view the work that we can do, and show options that can be done. For this, I need friends to volunteer!

Now, I'll be placing a specific list on what we need from models to show the range we can accomplish in makeup, below is what we need, we do NOT need duplicate models, unless it's different sex. So once somebody has spoken up for a particular job, that's taken, no more else, or you have to pay us. However, people can volunteer for several different types of makeup that needs to be done.

Basic Makeup: Natural. Male and Female
Basic Makeup: Beauty. Preferably Female

Complex Makeup: Skin Color Change. Two males and two females
Complex Makeup: Tattoos. One person
Complex Makeup: Character/fantasy/non prosthetic. This can be taken by several people, but no more than two males and two females.
Complex Makeup: Gender switch. I'll be taking the female to male, but we need a male to female.
Complex Makeup: Prosthetic (generic). Anything applied will not be fitted to your face, cause ah, that's a lot of work. This is just to give the idea of what can be done. Male and female.

Intricate Makeup: Prosthetic (custom). That's something that will be offered for a price, no model needed....unless you want to pay for it!

So that's what we've managed to come up with so far, if anybody has a suggestion that would be popular to do, please tell us and we'll consider adding it to our line up. But otherwise, it would be a GREAT help to get this going ASAP. Comment on my journal or e-mail me at to claim any of these spots, or to pre-order and request makeup (but that'll cost something). I will update the list when comments and confirmations come in

Thanks guys!

This WILL be x-posted into local communities (can't do your makeup several states away!).
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