Kumi (sakurasaturn) wrote in nan_desu_kan,

NDK Suggestions

Hello! I am Kumi; I am from Colorado and I go to University of Denver. I went to NDK 2006, which was my first anime con, and thought it was fun. :D I posted pictures from the con in my LJ. I'd love to go again next year but I believe I will be studying abroad by the time NDK comes around. :(

I'm also part of the anime club here, and after some people from the club went on Saturday, we thought we could make a suggestions list for next year's group of new con-goers. One of the ones we thought of is "be wary of where you park and don't park illegally." I was wondering what some of your suggestions would be about newcomers to NDK in general? I may mention something about keeping an eye on your stuff during the convention so that you don't lose it; from the amount of people I saw at the lost and found area during the day, it seems like a fairly easy thing to do. Also, keep in mind how much cash you have; it's easy to run out just at the vendor room if you brought enough. ;)
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